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Solc Interiors is the premier San Diego nightclub and bar manufacturer & designer. Solc Interiors is a full service interior manufacturing firm specializing in commercial interiors for nightclubs, bars and restaurants in San Diego. Solc Interiors provides our clients with the most value in San Diego nightclub or bar manufacturing & design because we design, manufacture, and install all of our custom made furnishings to bring your nightclub alive with an appealing, breathtaking interior design and furnishings. Because you are getting custom made furnishings directly from the manufacturer, you can be sure that your nightclub will be unique and reflect your own personal visual preferences.

If you have a nightclub or bar to renovate or just needs a face lift, call Solc Interiors today! We have the solutions to transform your bar or nightclub into a captivating environment that will encourage people to return. Our manufacturing team uses a variety of unique materials that can transform your space into an inviting, upscale environment with influences from any types of bar and nightclub design styles.

Your space is your stage and makes one of the biggest impacts on your customers, so it is essential to have a a captivating interior that will cause people to return. We specialize in bar and nightclub manufacture & design in areas such as San Diego County, Orange county, Long Beach, and Riverside County. Call us today for a consultation and to see how we can transform your space into a memorable experience for your clients!

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