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Solc Interiors designs, constructs and installs custom booths for restaurants, bars, lounges, hotels, resorts and many other commercial locations in Southern California. Based in North County San Diego, Solc Interiors is a wolrd-class manufacturer of custom interior seating including booths, sofas, banquettes, benches and more within all of the greater San Diego and Orange County areas.

Solc Interiors prides itself on providing high quality, custom booths and banquettes that are as durable as they are aesthetically pleasing. We create seating in all styles, upholstery and materials allowing for endless possibilities with your new seating.

Our booth design and manufacture process begins with an in-depth design consultation in which we will discover your true desires and needs of your seating, both functionally and aesthetically. Upon the initial consultation (free of charge), Solc Interiors will visit your space to take measurements and consult with the client on styling options to match the existing or new interior styling of the space.

At this time, we also discuss your functional needs in terms of durability, fabric texture, design style, preferred materials, budget, and project timelines. Our design team will also evaluate your space for color selections, business theme/concept and any other information that will influence the design of the interior seating to ensure that the final product accentuates your interior styling.

Once manufactured, our design team will deliver and install the custom booths or banquettes at your location to ensure a seamless process and excellent final product.

View our work below and to learn more about our wide variety of custom both & banquette services, please call us at 760 891-8322.

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